Dog didn’t look at anyone after his owner died, but one person changed his life

Rio, a Golden Retriever mix, found his life turned upside down when he moved into a shelter, far from anything he knew. The owner of Rio died and the puppy was taken to the Detroit Dog Rescue. However, after arriving, the shelter staff could tell that something wasn’t right. The poor dog didn’t eat, didn’t want to be touched, and simply stared at the wall.

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Having lived ten years with his owner, Rio was confused by what was happening. He was in a frightening and strange place… Rio was clearly wanted to give up! So the volunteers knew they had to act quickly.

“We take mental health cases as the toughest of the shelter.”, said Kristina Millman-Rinaldi, director of the Detroit Dog Rescue. “A lot of people don’t realize what intuitive and sensitive creatures dogs are. They sense, like humans, everything that’s happening around them.”

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The poor animal didn’t respond by his name and wouldn’t look away from the corner of the shelter. Kristina knew that the only way to help Rio was to put him in a safe and loving home. They hoped that by placing Rio in a foster home, it would bring some normality to the depressed dog.

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It was then that Kristina contacted a volunteer named Ryan Callahan and his wife Tashia. They listened to Rio’s story and, without hesitation, decided to take the animal temporarily. Although they already had three dogs, the Callahans wanted to help.

“It was just right dog, right place, right time,” Ryan said. “He needed us, and we were able to provide the one-on-one time he needed.” By the time Rio entered Callahan’s house, he immediately began to show signs of improvement.

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It was as if the dog could feel the couple was there to help him. To make sure the ten-year-old dog was comfortable, they made him a room in Ryan’s office. During the first week, Ryan, who works from home, managed to integrate Rio into the welcoming environment. It did not take long for the little dog to rest at his feet with a look of gratitude.

Facebook – Detroit Dog Rescue.
Facebook – Detroit Dog Rescue

“My hope is that he doesn’t have to go another day wondering where he is or what is happening around him,” Ryan said. “That his new life, whatever that ends up being, is even better than his last one.”

Meanwhile, Detroit Dog Rescue, along with the Callahan family, is doing its best to restore the condition of the dog.

Facebook – Detroit Dog Rescue

Let’s hope he finds a forever and loving home soon… With a lot of dedication, love and affection he will once again be the dog that he was. Share this exciting story with your friends and family!

Source: Animal Channel


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