Owner breaks down in tears as rescuing his little dog stuck in a hole

We often talk about how strong the bond between men and dogs is. These pets are, in many cases, considered true friends, family, key components with which to share joys, sadness, and affection.

Needless to say, then, when you lose a dog, the sadness can be enormous. The feeling of emptiness and anxiety leads us to do everything to look for it and take it home safely. And even a more mature man, when he finds his stray dog, can be overwhelmed with joy in the most unexpected ways.

Alan Whitton, 49-year-old, from Woodford Green, Redbridge, adopted Mitzi the Jack Russell, about a year ago. During one of his usual morning walks, however, Mitzi disappeared. It was immediately clear to Alan that finding her would be difficult, so he also used his social networks to ask for help.

An undoubtedly devastating situation that turned into a real nightmare when the man saw that, the dog was gone without a trace.

After two days without Mitzi, Alan was beginning to lose hope of finding her.

Ever seen a grown man cry?

Posted by Alan Whitton on Friday, November 22, 2019

It was at this point that, he got the call from a man who had noticed that his dog was constantly smelling an area around a hole. Then Alan ran to the scene and started calling for Mitzi and attracting his attention with his toys. The puppy showed signs of his presence, and then Alan and the other people began to dig.

The moment Alan managed to hug his Jack Russell was filmed by those present at the discovery site, and the man’s reaction has no equal. He literally had an emotional breakdown, dominated by happiness and love for his puppy. These are really exciting images: we hope that for Alan it will become just the memory of a bad experience with such a happy and unexpected ending.

Source: Olha Que VĂ­deo


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