Orphan Pit Bull baby is adopted by a cat and survives

When Norland the Pit Bull puppy was found by the workers of Cleveland Animal Protective League, he was in a very bad state.

The abandoned puppy was covered in flies and garbage, was heavily weakened, and he badly needed his mother to survive. Norland’s situation only worsened when he was brought to the shelter.

Once at the shelter, the workers were having a hard time feeding the one-day-old puppy. That’s when Lurlene, the shelter’s mama cat, spotted the tiny puppy. She immediately sensed his depleted health and anxiously volunteered to foster him! Workers were surprised when Lurlene took Norland to her litter and began nursing him!

Click on the video below to watch Norland’s first date with her cat Lurlene and her puppies!

In the days that followed, Lurlene took care of the puppy day and night.

She vigilantly watched over him when the workers fed him extra formula for nutrition. With the help of Lurlene’s motherly instincts, Norland gained strength and found a second chance at life!

The shelter has updated that Norland, Lurlene, and her kitten litter, are all doing well now. Norland has grown bigger than Lurlene and his kitten siblings, and has transformed into a doting son and brother who passionately looks out for his feline family. We’re so glad they’re living together like one big happy family!

Source: I Love My Dog


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