The reaction of an orangutan seeing a newborn baby will melt your heart

Of all primates, chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans have a very parental instinct, and their reactions in the presence of a child are adorable. We can’t help being moved by the reaction of the orangutan we’ll meet today, who shows a special curiosity for a baby.

A mother was visiting a zoo with her baby when an orangutan appeared very curious to see the little one she was holding in her arms. Orangutan was using the protection glass to approach the baby. When his mother realized it, she was very happy to fulfill the animal’s desire.

If we could put a camera through the orangutan’s eyes, we certainly have an image of unconditional love. Watch the adorable moment in the video below:

Orangutan seeing a newborn baby


That’s another proof that animals also have feelings. Share this emotional clip with your friends and family!


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