Optical store allows dogs to shelter in the store and gives loving warning to customers who complain

The optician allows dogs to shelter in the store and posts affectionate notice for customers who complain about the puppies.

In a world where the rate of animal abuse is still high, a little love with street dogs warms our hearts.

An optician, in Goiânia (GO), decided to offer momentary shelter and food to these furry little ones. However, some customers didn’t like the initiative of Ótica Doutor Óculos.

Optical store allows dogs in the store

Because of this, an affectionate notice was posted after the establishment received negative feedback from some customers. “Customer friend, we ask with all our hearts that you don’t bother with some little dogs at the door of the opticians, we are passionate about animals. We offer pet food, water, and once a month we partner with pet shops to give baths and vaccinations to these helpless angels,” advised Doctor Eyeglasses.

The management of the optician further pointed out that all the dogs are docile and reinforced. “Sorry to those who are bothered, but, they just want a shelter and to feel safe”.

Source: Olhar Animal

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