Old man reunites with his dog on the street, after 3 years apart

All of us animal lovers know that it is necessary to care for and protect our pets so that accidents are avoided. However, unforeseen events always knock on the door. It is almost impossible to control our furry friends at 100%, and often they exploit more than they should and eventually get lost. The story we’ll meet today relates one of those cases that, fortunately, had a happy ending.

An old man lost his dog three years ago… Recently he received a phone call from the owner of a store, who claimed to have seen a pup much like his own. The concerned owner did not hesitate to look for his puppy and the reunion of these two already gave much to speak.

We can not imagine the pain this man must have felt, but more importantly, now his four-legged friend is safe.

Old man meets dog on the street

Check out the emotional reunion in the video below:

A moment full of emotions, which fills our hearts with joy. Share this incredible story with your friends and family!

Source: 9GAG


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