Old dog was dragging himself along the highway in his last breath until a car stopped

Finding animals walking alone on the roads is often common in some countries. And unfortunately, few people care about helping these creatures. But there is always their exception, and the founder of the Patitas de Amor animal shelter, Oswaldo, is an exception.

This man from Ecuador has more than a dozen dogs under his care.

When he was going down the highway he saw the skinny animal, dragging his sore paws from so much walking and decided to help him.

Oswaldo took a turn in his vehicle to rescue him. When he parked he saw the terrible state the old dog was in and knew the urgency of the case.

It was heartbreaking for him to see the dog crawl.

He immediately took him in his arms to take him to the shelter. There he was evaluated by a vet.

“He’s very thin, very thin, you can see the ribs. Also, he has a skin infection, probably a flea allergy,” the guy said in a video recorded during the rescue.

Oswaldo’s arms were the best chance of life for the older dog.

In the video captured by the rescuers, you can see the nervous but grateful puppy, as if he knew that his life could finally change.

“He’s very quiet. Apparently, he’s old, he’s already his age, he has no more teeth (…) In his head he’s already lost his skin and he’s very weak, he can barely stand on his own,” said the founder of Patitas de amor.

The little dog’s eyes showed great tiredness and sadness.

From his appearance it became evident that the defenseless animal spent a lot of time living on the streets. He possibly never knew a home and, although unhappy, it is a very common fate in the lives of these animals.

This devoted man was moved by the dog’s condition. For him, as a savior and a human being, it is painful to know that most of the dogs that end up on the streets are there because of the abandonment of their own owners.

“I’m very sorry that an animal is in these conditions (…) It must have walked hundreds of kilometers, because there aren’t many houses in the sector,” he added.

See the moment of the rescue in the video below:

Possibly that terrible state was constant in this creature’s life, but at least now she has the opportunity to know something different.

To imagine the ordeal this hairy man had to go through during his life is terrible, but the good deed of this man will improve his old age.

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Source: Zoorprendente