Old dog dies hugging her owner during fireworks display

The story of a family who tragically lost their pet went viral on social networks this week. The case of Magui, a dog who died of nervous problems after a fireworks display, saddened residents of Chubut, Argentina.

According to Radio Miter, the incident happened last Saturday (14), when after several failed attempts to communicate with veterinarians, the animal had a cardiac arrest and ended up dying embraced by the youngest member of the family.

Antonella, the mother of the young man who was with the dog until the end, published a text in honor of Magui on Facebook.

“She was our beloved animal !!! Her name was Magui and she just died. She was old and terrified of pyrotechnics. We didn’t know where else to put her while the others had fun, she was having a hard time. An attack grabbed her, we called all the vets to help us and none answered! The dog died in my son’s arms while he begged me to call someone to help her,” read the publication that reached over 10,000 shares on the social network.

Source: Metro Jornal


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