Old cat devastated after being abandoned by the only family he ever had in his life

Orion is the sweet 16-year-old cat who had only one home and received love and affection in this place all his life. So when he lost his beloved home, he had a hard time adjusting to a new space.

His owners could no longer care for him and he was given to a shelter. Not imagining that for an animal of his age and used to the warmth of his family, this could become an odyssey.

Onion had a rough start in his foster home.

After losing his home, the Kitty Adventure Rescue League, a cat sanctuary in Fort Worth, Texas, took Orion in. Although everyone loved and cared for him, he was shy and scared. The place was strange to him, so he didn’t want to come out of hiding.

Of course, it was difficult for Onion to adapt, because everything around him was completely new. So they could do nothing but be patient with him and cross their fingers that the child would slowly come out of his shell.

He lost his only home and wasn’t sure of the condition of the new one, but he began to sneak up and hug the people who cared for him when they were taking a nap.

But love changed everything!

As soon as he realized that he was now safe and in his new forever home, he came out of his shell. He began to show his appreciation by purring and loving the people and other animals around him.

You tell your human how happy you are to have a new home!

He didn’t hold back and began to show love to everyone, including the animals at the shelter. Britches, an 18-year-old resident cat, came over to hug and lick Orion. I just wanted Orion to feel comfortable and happy!

After it all happened, Orion realized that there was love everywhere waiting patiently for him.

Now Orion is living the best life he deserves. We hope that every animal can find his loving forever home! They all deserve good owners and homes that are always filled with love and care.

Onion now lives full of love, care and happiness.

If it makes you happy to know that despite her abandonment, Onion found happiness, share his story.

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