Old and paralyzed dog that was abandoned, meets the sea and true love before dying

After devoting the best years of his life to an ungrateful family, the fate of a German shepherd named Heart seemed to be relegated to death in complete abandonment and multiple needs. However, his story reminds us that hope is the last thing to be lost, and this canine grandfather crossed the rainbow full of love.

The little one had been left in an old house so that his life could be turned off there.

Fortunately, the intentions of its former owners did not come true, and the guys from the animal rights organization Qua la Paampa, located in Bitonto, Bari (Italy), decided to intervene.

Heart, when she was baptized by her rescuer Gianna Serena Manfredi, suffered from paralysis and crawled down the street in search of food. At night, the furry one would return as best he could to the old house where they had left him.

Those were very difficult years for this boy.

By the time they rescued him, the volunteers tried to get Heart to regain his mobility. They even used a wheelchair for a while, but the swelling in his spine was getting worse.

There was nothing they could do to bring the dog back to health, but what they definitely could do was save his heart and so they dedicated themselves to making those last days the happiest.

The woman wanted Heart to know what love really meant up close, before she left this world.

Moreover, the Samaritan woman took it upon herself to give him a totally dignified and peaceful ending.

Heart in the wheelchair that he used for a while.

Gianna made it possible for the puppy to get to know the sea and lying on his bed to enjoy the purest, most healing wind.

“And we went to the sea, it was beautiful, the wind caressed my ears, the waves beat on the rocks, the sound of the sea in the still silence of winter. It was very relaxing, I almost fell asleep forgetting all the pain of abandonment by the one who loved me very little”, wrote the organization on Facebook.

When he found the sea, Heart was completely immobilized on his hind legs, but his caretakers helped him to feel the cold water a little.

“(Forget) the pain of the wounds they start to feel, the pain of not being able to run with that little dog that was running after the rock. I couldn’t touch the water but the humans helped me by bringing me some and wet my face, it was fresh and scented with freedom”, he added.

The pain Heart endured during his abandonment is unimaginable. But these flesh and blood angels did everything possible to help him forget. The puppy spent the last days of his life with the satisfaction of knowing that there are also good people on earth.

What Heart suffered is inconceivable, but Gianna showed that love can heal all. Share this story to let your friends know that they too can become angels of flesh and blood.

Source: Zoorprendente


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