Old and injured dog hid in a corner to block out the painful world

Age is not a factor when it comes to love. The same is true when it comes to animal rescue and the compassion that’s involved.

Just because a dog is old, he shouldn’t be left to die. Especially in such an unimaginable way.

When this poor dog was found, he was lying in a corner of a yard. He was facing inward as if he was hiding from the world.

He knew in his heart that the end was near. His injuries were extensive and painful. He just wanted it to end. But Animal Aid rescuers wouldn’t let him stay there and suffer.

They were at least trying to ease their pain and then leave.

When they saw the dog’s injuries, they were heartbroken. He had a badly injured ear and a gaping hole in his stomach. What happened to this poor boy?

He was skin and bones. When was the last time he had a decent meal? When the rescuer lifted the old dog up, he whimpered and cried. It was such a devastating sound. But they had to move him in order to get him the help he desperately needed.

They brought him back to the Animal Aid sanctuary to have him medically evaluated. The poor boy was given pain medication and something to relax him while they assessed him.

Maggots crawled inside his wounds. The medical staff poured the powder into the wounds. This medicine would kill the maggots so they could clean out his wounds properly.

Several hours later, the maggots were dead.

Now it was time to clean his wounds by cutting away the dead tissue and everything that was infected. He was still sedated so, again, he felt no pain.

After his wounds were tended to and his sedation wore off, it was time to get the dog to eat and drink. Building up his strength would be a huge part of his healing.

This old boy’s road to recovery would be paved with challenges but the caregivers at Animal Aid refused to give up.

Nearly a month later, he was still weak and struggling but his wounds were healing nicely. The medical team still had hope that the old dog would improve.

With patience, kindness, and love– the old dog was transformed! Meet the dog that was close to giving up, now named Baloo!

Baloo loves to lay in the sun and cuddle with his caregivers. He’s missing some teeth so his tongue hangs out, which everyone thinks is so darn cute! And we agree!

Baloo may not have a lot of time left. No one can be sure how long. But at least his time left is filled with sunny days. He’s no longer suffering or alone. He’s not wedged into a dark corner. He’s surrounded by love! And when it comes to love, age is never a factor!

Watch Baloo’s amazing rescue in the video below. There are some images shown of Baloo’s wounds and surgery, so discretion is advised.

Source: I Love My Dog Somuch


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