Young cashier pays police officer’s dessert – the couple behind throw fit and teenager is suspended

From an early age, we are taught to strive and fight for what we want and believe. However, when this Texas teenager tried to do the right thing, he ended up getting in trouble. The young man decided to pay a police officer’s dessert, and ended up being suspended.

Zack Randolph, an 18-year-old employee of the Great American Cookies, decided to pay for an officer’s dessert. His goal was to thank what these men do for our society every day. The young man paid the bill with his own money, and didn’t even use the employee discount so that the store would receive the amount owed.

“He’s just a really nice guy and on top of that he has a badge. That’s enough for me to buy him something. That’s the least I can do,” thought Randolph.

The teenager was feeling really good about his good generous action, until the next customers approached the counter. A man and a woman also asked for free desserts, and Randolph got into trouble when he said the couple would have to pay.

Facebook – Tami Kurtz Randolph
Couple in line throw a tantrum

According to Randolph’s mother, the couple were making a tantrum. The man allegedly told the young man, “You know you’re probably going to get fired.” Randolph went further on the subject, claiming that he felt threatened by the man’s behavior.

Unfortunately, the couple decided to complain about Randolph’s kindness. The teenager received a one-week suspension from work as a consequence.  In response, Randolph’s mother posted the story in a Facebook post, which spread quickly over the internet. It was not long before the company issued an apology for their actions, as well as offering to pay for the hours Randolph would have worked during his suspension.

Even so, the fact that he was punishment in the first place is truly disgusting. The behavior of the man and the woman who complained because he gave the policeman a free dessert is absolutely inadmissible.

It’s hard to understand why some people act the way they do. All we can say is that we hope Randolph will not let this experience prevent him from being kind an generous. Share this article to show your support for the kind young man and his actions!

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