Officers close busy avenue to save injured dog

A helpless dog in danger has awakened the greatest gesture of humanity of some policemen. And the neighbors applauded and celebrated the beautiful gesture of these policemen.

They are the uniformed José Luis Peña and Kevin Tito Pino, members of the security body of the Municipality of Surco, Peru.

The police couple didn’t hesitate for a second to act when they saw the imminent danger a street dog was in. The creature was wandering wounded in a busy Surco area when it got stuck in the traffic of the South Pan-American Highway.

The officers had to do something or any car could run over the animal.

At that moment, Peña and Pino used their uniforms and stopped traffic to approach the place where the fearsome animal is trapped and save it.

“A piece of furniture closed the first strip in a north-south direction. Then we started to close one by one until we crossed the Panamericana with the dog. He was docile to us, but we saw that his little leg was hanging from him,” the rescuers explained.

The dog couldn’t walk because one of his legs was injured.

After removing him from the highway, the uniformed police officers took him to a veterinary center to treat him. Once on the scene, the specialist found that he not only fractured one of his hind legs, but also his dislocated femur.

It’s likely that this dog was run over by one of the cars even days before the cops found her and despite the pain, she wandered around the city looking for help.

Fortunately, the generous officers decided to rescue her and it seems that not only they acted as angels to the hairy.

The veterinarian who attended the case decided to take care of the expenses and help the dog to move on, he was responsible not only for the studies but for the treatment she must follow now.

“The patient is about 1 year old. We did a blood test and everything went well. We did CT scans and he didn’t have any bleeding or internal organ damage,” said Dr. Edgar Ayala.

After the dog completes her recovery, she will enter a responsible tenure program run by the commune of Surco and we hope that someone will be encouraged to adopt this girl who has been the target of so much solidarity.

Thanks to the officers who decided to save her, this is something worth enjoying. Share this beautiful rescue and send your blessings to our furry.

Source: Zoorprendente


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