Officer is stunned when a figure runs to him on the road – his blood freezes when he sees what it is

While doing the night patrol on an Oregon road, Jeremy Gautney saw the unthinkable happen. In these places, a police officer is looking for distracted or potentially dangerous drivers. But what this man did not expect to see was a strange figure running up to him on the freeway! When he saw what it was, the officer was stunned and shocked.

Youtube – Police Activity

The policeman slowed when he began to see a figure in front of him. What he was seeing is a warning to all drivers on the road: you never know what you can find in your way, so we should always drive with caution. Looking better, Jeremy realized that the figure was actually a small child! Seeing the headlights of the car, she ran toward him.

At that point, the officer got out of the car and immediately picked up the unaccompanied child. A few seconds later, a huge truck passed close to them on the other side. Who knows what would have happened if the cop had not caught the boy in time? The officer was stunned just thinking about it.

Youtube – Police Activity

Upon arriving at the police station, theĀ  officer discovered the boy’s complete story. The child’s parents were desperately looking for their son… He escaped from a nearby community a few minutes earlier. Fortunately, the child was rescued by the officer and returned to the family safe and sound.

The rescue video was released by the police department “not to ridicule or question those involved, but to warn drivers that they need to pay attention when driving, as they may face unexpected conditions.”

Watch the chilling moment below.

Share this scene to raise awareness about safe driving. We never know what we will find on the road, and this child is a proof of that.

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