Officer saves dog stuck in a canal

No wonder the news of a good action can travel the world, putting everyone in agreement, given its benevolent nature. When, in the center of the news, there are dogs or kittens rescued from danger, the savior soon becomes a hero.

This Thai policeman, who probably went beyond his official duties, did not think twice before beginning an imprudent rescue: a dog accidentally ended up in a drainage ditch, full of garbage, and was in evident difficulty.

The policeman, Corporal Sorasak Ritthikhotm, immediately bent down and climbed the various bars and metal pipes to reach the poor dog in difficulty.

See all the action in the video below:

But putting the animal in safety was not easy, even when the policeman managed to reach it: the dog, in fact, immediately showed aggressive and it was very difficult for the poor policeman who, in turn, risked being hurt.

The tough task was filmed by the policeman’s colleague and viralised in a short time.

The dog was rescued and his owners were found.

A story with a happy ending that underlines the courage of some human beings with a heart of gold.

Fonte: Olha Que VĂ­deo


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