Officer rescues severely malnourished abandoned dog who was about to die

Lieutenant Matthew Castle, Martin City Police Department, found a dog in poor condition in Floyd County, Kentucky. Hungry and with his worm-infested injuries, the puppy desperately needed help.

When Lieutenant Castle found the cub, what surprised him was that he was still alive. He was so malnourished he couldn’t use his hind legs anymore, so he barely crawled on his front paws. That, not to mention the condition of some injuries.

When Castle was found, he was lucky he was still alive.

When the Martin City Police Department couldn’t find a vet or animal rescue to help them on the spot, they posted a photo of the dog and a message on their Facebook page asking for help.

Shauna Brown of Floyd County Animal Shelter responded immediately and came to the aid of the poor dog.

She called the dog Castelo in honor of the man who saved him, Shauna assures that the dog weighed less than 6 kilos and that, besides his malnutrition and the injection he received, he seemed to have been run over by a car.

It was clear that Castle never had a home or a family, as he was quite shy and suspicious of humans, which is not surprising, having received so much damage from cruel and unscrupulous people.

Shauna posted a video of Castle on Facebook and explained his case. He thanked the men who made his rescue possible and assured that under his care he had begun to receive treatment for the infected wounds as well as food.

Castle started getting medical attention after he was rescued by the cop who found him. Shauna said they had already equipped him with a wheelchair, but Castle did not respond well to the device; it was then that she focused on improving her health.

Shauna’s intention was to take the puppy forward as before in order to put him in a loving home and start writing him a story of happiness and harmony, yet that day seemed far away.

Little by little, that boy walked again.

With a femur injury, liver problems, infections and multiple complications, Shauna and Castle kept trying, even when he was diagnosed with parvovirus.

In the face of this news, the young woman believed that the puppy would never succeed. He was so weak he didn’t know how to get through.

But sometimes the animals’ will to live can really dominate us and that’s exactly what happened with Castle. After two months of work, love and dedicated care, the puppy was ready to say hello to life again.

Shauna will never forget his wonderful fighter.

The plaster of the hind leg was removed, so that the little one could walk normally. There was no longer the shadow of that hungry, frightened, wounded cub that Lieutenant Castle found abandoned and alone.

Laura Colter Gerard and her husband were the ones interested in adopting Castle and making him their spoiled son. It was hard for Shauna to say goodbye to her wrestling puppy, but it was time to let her have that perfect home where she would find love forever.

Castle is now in your family’s hands forever.

It’s the story of another fighter who knew how to take the second chance that life gave him. Share this beautiful story of love and perseverance!

Source: Zoorprendente


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