Officer is caught mistreating police dog and generates public indignation

A officer from Hammond, Indiana, is facing public indignation after a video of him abusing his trusty K9 went viral. The narcotics duo were called at a traffic stop to search a car with drugs. This video was filmed by a local family when they observed the officer acting unpleasantly with his docile K9.

In the video, we see the unidentified police officer grabbing the K9 by his neck and dangling him mid-air. The dog looks in pain as he struggles to breathe on the chokehold. The officer then goes on to use the leash to continuously whip the K9 without showing even a hint of mercy.

Animal lovers all over are saddened and shocked by the brutish act of this officer. After many people came forward to criticize the department and demand answers, a representative of the Hammond police revealed that the officer in question claims that the dog was being disciplined. Further investigations are currently underway.

The department has accepted that the officer’s actions were unacceptable and inconsistent with their training guidelines.

Consequently, the K9 has been removed from the officer’s care while the officer is detained and placed on administrative leave.

Source: I Love My Dog


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