The dog refuses to leave the bag behimd. When the man opened the bag? How horrible!!

The act of taking a life is inhuman! If animals reproduce it is because nature wanted to. Who are we to end the lives of animals that do no harm to anyone?

Many puppies, barely born, are already condemned to die. Sometimes because owners can not afford to have more animals, and instead of looking who wants them, they kill them, sometimes because killing is a kind of hobby for certain people without feelings.

A Spaniel was found on the side of a road from Midville in Lincolnshire, with his head propped on a plastic bag from a pail shop and chips. Inside were her newly born babies. The little dog looked like tears in her eyes. When she was found, she was licking her dead puppies, as if trying to revive them.


The animals were found by a cyclist, Paul Skinner, who described the scene as “painful,” adding that the poor girl seemed to be mourning the loss of her young puppies.

“I was riding a bike with my friend at the time,” said the 58-year-old adviser at the Tory Conservatory at the Boston Borough Council. “We saw on the side of the road, something that looked like a dead bird, but as we passed by, it moved.

“It was a little spaniel without a leash.” We looked around to see if there was anyone nearby. “The little dog was sitting alone, licking the contents of a bag of fish and potato chips. I could not believe that anyone could be so devoid of humanity to do such a thing.

This desperate mother refused to leave her puppies behind and was eventually found. Investigations are under way to identify the owner of the animal. No one still knows if the pups were alive, when they were put into the bag and thrown to the edge.

Paul warned the police and the RSPCA, a local sanctuary for animals, that immediately came to rescue the animal. The Kennel Manager, Mick Fern tried to resuscitate the pups, but to no avail.

“The vet thinks they were born that morning and they may have been alive when they were left there.”
“Sometimes a puppy can give the appearance of being dead, but it can be revived if you warm them up.” Their mother was with them, no matter what.


The little dog was named Carly and a microchip was found in her, which will facilitate the process to find the original owner.

Inspector Becky Harper said: “It is a terribly disturbing incident.It seems that this puppy was cruelly dumped along with its newborn puppies.We do not know if the puppies were born dead or if they died because of the cold.We would like to thank the cyclist who found them and contacted the competent authorities and the Fen Bank Greyhound Sanctuary that took her to be seen by the vets.

“Fortunately Carly seems to be in good health and now she’s being well cared for.”

“We are appealing to anyone who knows more about how Carly was abandoned that way or where she came from. We want to hear from someone who recognizes Carly or the fish and chips shop where the puppies were abandoned as it is quite distinctive.


“All the information we receive is treated with the strictest confidence and we encourage anyone who knows anything to come forward.”


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