Mother runs to the nursery after her baby is “attacked” – then, the surveillance camera reveals the terrible truth

When Tracy Blinov left her 7-month-old daughter at Busy Hands Day Care in the United States, she thought the girl was safe. The mother always left the girl in school before going to work. However, on that day, she received a phone call from the team and rushed to the nursery shortly after having delivered the girl on the spot.

Baby gets bitten in day care

Tracy was informed that her daughter had been bitten. So, without delay, the mother went to the nursery to see how the girl was. When she arrived, she had a terrifying sight: Eliana was not bitten only once, but several times. Her face was covered with marks that an older child had caused.

It is usual for children to bite each other. These things happen all over the world, every day. What worried Tracy was that she had been bitten so many times and no one had helped her. After watching the surveillance footage of the day care, days after the incident, Tracy realized that Eliana had been attacked for almost a minute and a half before someone realized what was happening.

Facebook – Tracy Blinov

She had more than ten bite marks on her face and body. After the incident, an investigation was initiated to find out exactly why it took so long for the assistants to realize what was happening. However, the day care staff claimed that they went to Eliana’s assistance the moment they heard her scream.

Boy known for biting other babies

The 2-year-old boy, guilty of the attack, had just entered the nursery. Just a week earlier, the child had been removed from another center for biting another child. However, the boy’s mother did not mention the incident at Busy Hands. So, the nursery was not expecting that attitude from the child.

“This child who came was from a new client, and she forgot to say that the child bit, and forgot to say that the previous week he had been expelled from Little Griz for biting a child,” said the owner of the Busy Hands. “If we had been told, we could have said, ‘No, we will not accept him.'”

Facebook – Tracy Blinov

The bites were so severe that Eliana had to take antibiotics. Despite a bruised face, the girl was in a good mood shortly after the event. “She’s in a much better mood today. I’m glad to say that bruising and swelling are slowing down a bit, it’s amazing how resilient babies are,” says Tracy.

Nursery wants to prevent these situations

Montana law says there should be a maximum of four children for an adult in day care. However, following Eliana’s attack, Busy Hands has announced that its goal is to reduce to two children per employee, in an attempt to ensure that something similar doesn’t happen again.

Facebook – Tracy Blinov

Obviously, when we leave our children in a nursery, we hope they are well cared for. Whoever has children knows that it takes only a second for a tragedy to happen. If it took a minute and a half for Eliana to get help, it seems the nursery needs to seriously change their methods. However, we can not blame just the employees. The mother of the 2-year-old should also have mentioned her child’s behavior before enrolling him in the day care.

Let the story of this baby be a lesson for other nurseries: never leave a child unattended. Share this article with your friends and family to spread the word!

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