Firefighters invade nursery school after receiving distressed father’s call

After a hard day of work, a Chicago father named Cornelius Jones was eager to go to the nursery school and be greeted with a beautiful smile from his daughter. Babies are therapeutic, and they can cheer us up even when we are stressed or discouraged. But when the man came to the door of the daycare, he saw that it was closed.

The father couldn’t wait to hug and kiss the 1-year-old after a long day at work. However, the school door was locked and the building without lights! It was the worst nightmare any parent could ever face!

Cornelius rang the bell at the front door of the nursery, but no one answered. He called the company number, but he also got no response. At one point the man panicked: where was his daughter? He telephoned the nursery two more times, then frantically kicked the solid door, trying to open it.

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Shocking discovery

At that point, he heard his daughter screaming, frightened that she had been left alone in the dark with no one around to take care of her or comfort her. Cornelius immediately called the fire department and his girlfriend, Journee’s mother, Quanesha Borum.

Quanesha could not believe that the girl had been abandoned by the people who should be taking care of her. No one knew if she was hurt or sick inside the building! When the firemen arrived, they quickly knocked the front door open. The first rescuers rushed to the nursery and what they found left them jaw dropping.

Youtube – Inside Edition

Not only had they left Journee alone in the dark, as she was crawling on the floor. Her parents were furious at the thought of what might have happened to their precious daughter. “I was glad she was well, but I was really angry. I was pissed, how can you leave a baby in a daycare, how could a child have disappeared.”

Director’s explanation

Daycare director Tommie Butler declined to show her face in the cameras, but said it was all an accident. She told Quanesha that an employee had put Journee to sleep, and when everyone was ready to leave work, the same official confirmed that all the children in his care had gone home.

Youtube – Inside Edition

But there was something even more frustrating for the parents. Tommie said that when employees crossed the nursery doing a final check, they supposedly thought their daughter was a doll. Cornelius and Quanesha expect the daycare to be closed so that no other parent has to endure the fear, anxiety and pain they and their daughter had to overcome.

See the rescue moment below…

Choose well the nursery school where you put your children, and make sure that the staff is really qualified. Share so that more parents can be alert!

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