New playground game leaves 11-year-old boy looking like ‘an alien’ – now, mom wants to warn all parents

It’s normal for children to make mistakes, for such mistakes are part of learning. In childhood, we do silly and dangerous things, mainly due to the pressure of friends. Even the most intelligent and sensible young people can be coerced and convinced to participate in activities that can have terrible consequences. That’s exactly what happened to the boy we’re going to show next. He ended up looking like an alien because of a playground stunt.

11-year-old Tyler Broome suffered horrific injuries after attempting a new YouTube trend known as “Roundabout of Death” The name itself indicates just how dangerous this recent fashion is. But, for Tyler, this incredibly dangerous trick was a way to show his friends how fearless he was.

Death Routing

The dangerous joke consists of participants sitting in the middle of a playground roundabout while it is spun at high speed using the back wheel of a motorcycle. Shortly after the stunt, Tyler was found unconscious near the site. The boy had brain damage and vision. It’s believed that it has been subjected to the type of G force usually experienced by pilots and astronauts.

According to reports, fluid and blood may have entered the young man’s brain, causing damage to his vision. He ended up with “alien” eyes as we can see below.

Youtube – KIDbible

Tyler’s shocking images on the roundabout are already circulating online. At one point in the video, it seems that Tyler faints, but the teenagers around him don’t care and don’t turn off the motorcycle. Tyler was in a local park with a friend when they were approached by a group of teenagers who challenged them to be part of the game.

“I do not recognize my son – he’s about to have a stroke.” “Tyler sat in the roundabout, and the young man who approached him was about 17. Tyler does not know him, they are not friends,” said Mother Dawn. “He put his bike on the ground, made the roundabout spin at an unimaginable speed… it’s intimidation.”

Unimaginable injuries

Dawn claimed that the hospital staff had never seen such injuries, and had to do research before they started treating their child. “The injuries were so extreme that he looked like the Elephant Man. They’ve never seen this before, they’re going to make a medical report from him.”

“His head swelled up completely, his blood vessels burst, his eyes seemed strange, his vision blurred. You can manage a broken arm, but this? He does not remember it, he does not remember the details.”

See the whole incident below:

A police spokesman confirmed that Tyler was in a stable but serious condition at the hospital. Parents, warn your children not to participate in this game. Our thoughts and prayers go to young Tyler and his family. Share this story to spread the word about this incredibly dangerous game.

Source: Newsner


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