New “Hachiko” – Dog stays in one place on a street, waiting for owner to return

New “Hachiko” – Dog stays in the same place, on a street, waiting for the owner Of all the animals domesticated by man, the most faithful are dogs. They have an amazing ability to understand humans, and this is based on a trust nexus. This connection existed between a dog living in Tijuana and his human, who does not move from his seat waiting for him to arrive.

A dog that lives in the green zone of Taberna Sánchez’s main avenue in Tijuana, Mexico, does not move from that area, it is always located there.

Some neighbors who always see the dog in the same place have tried to take him home and be part of the family.

But the dog does not accept, he prefers to stay. There has been a lot of speculation about his situation, some say his human left him on the street and left, which is why the animal doesn’t move there, waiting for him to come back and catch him.

Another version of the story is that the person who lived with him has died and the dog hopes he may show up one day.

Anyway, the situation is the same, the animal is still in that place waiting for his human to come.

He is Hachiko de Tijuana or Hachiko de la Sánchez Taboada. New Hachiko

The neighbors named him “Hachiko de Tijuana”, reporting his behavior with the Hachiko of Japan, an Aikita dog that waited for his human at a train station and even after the man’s death. The faithful dog was still waiting for him.

“This is Tijuana’s Hachiko, and is always waiting for his human without losing hope,” said a neighbor.

After so many attempts to make the dog accept to go to one of the houses that wanted to receive it, the neighbors gave up.

But they found a great way to help you, they take care of everything they can.

They have placed a small house where it is protected from the rain and can rest well protected at night.

The main avenue of the Sánchez Taboada neighborhood became Hachiko’s home.

Hachiko’s good neighbors are organized and bring fresh water and food so he doesn’t have to have any kind of needs.

These people had such a great action with this little animal! Many should imitate them and help stray dogs, maybe the reality about this problem is different.

And so the days pass and, despite the circumstances that arise and the extreme weather conditions, nothing makes them move away from the place.

In his noble canine heart, he knows what he expects. Everyone is used to seeing him walking around and they look at him with love.

“What’s up, Hachiko, how are you?” Greets a passerby.

This beautiful and noble animal has won the love and respect of the people who know its history. We hope that your human being will return very soon, if not soon, that some organization will save him and put him in adoption so that he has the home he deserves.

How good it would be for many humans to learn unconditional love and faithfulness lessons from this animal!

Share this beautiful story with all your friends and acquaintances. And enjoy and take good care of your dog.

Source: Zoorprendente

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