Terrified dog never wagged her tail – then her foster dad built a room just for her

Rocky Kanaka has dealt with many dogs in his life, but nothing could prepare him for what he was about to find. A terrified dog, named Blossom, was rescued and taken to the shelter along with 150 other dogs.

Blossom was afraid of everything.

The poor girl had mentally turned off and didn’t know how to act like a dog. A few weeks had turned into months and she couldn’t stop shaking. So, Rocky knew he had to do something to change her life…


The feel of grass on her feet, the sunlight and making eye contact were just a few things that made Blossom hide under a table. Then, Rocky decided to remove the table and build a small room for her.


Little by little, Blossom started to come out of her shell… After two months, she even jumped on the couch to curl up with her foster dad! Now, came the day she went outside and ran wagging her tail for the first time.

The loving dog has come a long way and is ready for an eternal home, thanks to the hard work of Rocky Kanaka! Follow the transformation of Blossom in the video below:

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Source: I Love My Dog


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