Dogs had never been cherished in life – watch what happens when they experience love for the first time

In our culture we know very well the position and value of a pet. However, in Korea, many animals have a different purpose… Many dogs are bred in captivity in the meat factories and they are all destined to die!

Fortunately, there are several associations to fight against these inhuman acts and today we’ll watch a short video, which shows some dogs a few moments after being rescued. The happiness on their faces is indescribable and we can’t imagine the relief these poor animals must have felt.

Before that, they lived in small cages, unaware of any kind of love or affection. After they were rescued, they were able to try something good for the first time, taking baths, beautiful sleeping beds and friends to play with.

Watch these emotional moments in the clip below:

Thanks to these kindhearted people, all these animals will have a better life!

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Source: So Share This


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