Neglected and abandoned, puppy is unrecognizable after rescue

In our daily lives, we may come across more than one helpless little soul in search of help. For the problem of animal abandonment in many countries is evident.

They only count on us to make progress.

Amazing changes could be witnessed if, instead of indifference, abandoned animals received help. As happened in the case of this stray dog who after years of living in abandonment once again saw the light of hope.

Her name is Diana and she stars a story worthy of any princess.

When this puppy crossed the path of the one who is now her angel, she turned into a real tow truck. No one could have imagined the beauty that lay beneath her thick, tangled fur.

Diana’s appearance was just a reflection of all the work she had done living in complete abandon. But she still kept her big heart intact.

Diana lived on the platform of an unfinished building in Quito, Ecuador.

The residents of the area did not know when she had started to occupy that place, but they were used to her presence in that community.

Some good Samaritans threw leftovers at her from time to time. But the little girl was very nervous and didn’t tend to get too close to people.

Her tangled appearance made it impossible to distinguish her beauty.

In the place where this dog used to be there was a wooden house. So it’s understood that at some point Diana belonged to someone who decided to leave her there as a cheap alarm system.

Dogs are living beings, not security alarms.

Fortunately, a good-hearted man was alerted to the case and decided to change this dog’s fate.

It was rescuer Luis Bejarano, a volunteer since 2005 with the Ecuadorian Foundation for the Protection of Animals.

An expert in dealing with this kind of situation, Bejarano was able to quickly win Diana’s trust. And once he was able to get her out of the place, he decided to feed her and take her to the foundation’s medical facility.

A good bath and a check-up were urgent for this dog.

The dog was submitted to routine examinations to check her health condition. And, despite the abandonment in which she was, she did not present any serious condition.

What shocked the rescuer the most, in this case, was what he discovered after subjecting her to her first bath in a long time.

No one could see all the beauty in that ball of hair.

The help this furry little girl received would not have been possible without the intervention of her neighbor who decided to report the case. It was thanks to this that Bejarano found her.

“We receive calls, emails, WhatsApp messages, and through our networks. People report rescues and complaints almost daily. But we give priority to animals that are in danger, such as run over, injured, sick, mistreated, abandoned puppies, pregnant females”, said the rescuer.

Diana is a brave and very playful girl, so at the shelter, they hope that soon she will be completely ready to write a new story.

While this is happening, the Ecuadorian Animal Protection Foundation is taking care of her. And, together with Bejarano, they hope to find a loving and responsible family or person who will be encouraged to give her the protection and care she so richly deserves.

Only love makes possible a change as incredible as the one Diana experienced. Share her story and help us inspire more caring souls to do good. Together we can save thousands of lives.

Source: Zoorprendente


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