Mother dies after mysterious bite of a common pest – now, the family is warning the world

After a mysterious bite, Tamela Wilson passed away. Now the family wants to warn the world about the cause! Many people are unaware of the Bourbon virus, but it is very real and very dangerous. The first person to die from this condition was a man from Bourbon County, United States, in 2014 Unfortunately, the disease has been reaping several lives ever since, just like Tamela’s.

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Tamela Wilson, 58, found two ticks on her body while she was working. She removed the two parasites and thought no more about it. Shortly afterwards, she began to feel strange. The woman visited several doctors who told her she had a urinary tract infection. She received antibiotics and was sent home.

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However, antibiotics didn’t help and Tamela’s condition worsened every day. “She literally couldn’t even get on her cell phone, she had no strength,” said her daughter, Amie May. “My sister called her… the cell phone was ringing, but she couldn’t answer.”

Mystery disease

Doctors didn’t know what was causing those symptoms, and explained to Tamela’s relatives that her condition was a mystery.

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They tried to help and did dozens of exams to try to find out what was wrong with that mother, but nothing worked. Her skin was cracked and dry, and Tamela weakened with each passing day. Unfortunately, the woman eventually died…

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Cause of death

Steven Lawrence, a doctor specialized in infectious diseases at the University of Washington, discovered the reason for her death. He said the doctors who treated Tamela were not sufficiently informed about the Bourbon virus… and that’s exactly what killed the woman.

Tamela’s family decided that her body would be donated to science. They want experts to find out more about the Bourbon virus, and why it affects people so aggressively.

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Unfortunately, there are still no vaccines or cures for the virus. Everything indicates that it’s transmitted through ticks and other biting insects. However, scientists are still not 100% sure of that. In the case of the first patient, it was reported that he had been bitten by several parasites, including a tick. This led the researchers to believe that they could be the main carriers of the disease, although it has not yet been proven concretely.

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Symptoms of the Bourbon virus

Symptoms of the Bourbon virus include high fever, headaches, decreased appetite, muscle and joint pain, fatigue, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, rash on the abdomen, chest and back. When you are outdoors, wear long sleeves and a strong insect repellent. Also, check your body after being in rural areas…

As there is still no treatment or vaccine for the virus, it’s best to prevent it. As for the Wilson family, their loss was tragic, but they could live proudly knowing that Tamela’s body was used to help science find new ways to fight the virus. I hope she can save more people in the future.

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