Motorcycle couple rescue dog that left the bush: ‘She was hungry and trembling’

The couple was riding a motorcycle along BR-419 when, about 3 miles after leaving the city of Aquidauana, in the western region of Mato Grosso do Sul, they realized that the weather was closing and so they decided to put on a coat. They stopped at the shoulder and had a big surprise to see a dog leaving the middle of the bush. It was when they gave her what they had in their purse to eat.

“We were on the highway and decided to stop and put on a coat when it came towards us. I realized that she was hungry and trembling, his legs were shaking when she left the bush, in the middle of nowhere. We gave cookies and soda, that’s what I had in my bag. First, we thought about what could happen, fines, these things. But there was no way to leave her there”, said 16-year-old student Emily Ramires.

After a while, Emily tells that she even cried when she thought about the possibility of the animal being alone again. “It was no good. We picked her up and brought her home. We’re completing a week of marriage, it was our gift. Before we got home, we went to the vet, bought some tick medicine, collar, feed, just the bath that we haven’t noticed yet”, she explained.

Her boyfriend, the 22-year-old locksmith Carlos Antônio Lemes da Silva, says that the reason for the trip was just to solve problems at a bank branch.

“We lived in Nioaque and went to the bank in Aquidauana. When we returned, we saw the little dog and started to record. I kept thinking about the police station in front of me, I was afraid to pass there. But it was a gift, there was no way I could not take her home. My girlfriend gave her the name Luna and now she’s by our side all the time”, she said.

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Source: G1 Globo


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