Mother with cancer cries when “doctor” removes his mask

The difficult times we have to overcome in life get a little better when we have the people we like on our side. The mother with cancer that we will see next shows how important the presence of the people we love is in the darkest hours.

Mary Glasure of Toronto, Ohio, was diagnosed with cancer, and her health was really weak. The woman, who has seven children, was affected by several tumors, which affected “the left breast, the spine and the left lung, among other places.”

At one of the doctor’s visits at the Tony Teramana Cancer Center in Steubenville, the mother was accompanied by 6 of her children, for some emotional support. The only person that was missing was her son Corey Hoffmaster. He was out of the country serving in the navy, and hadn’t been home for more than two years. However, this was about to change.

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In the clip, we can see a doctor entering the room and acting strange. The man said to Mary, in a full uniform and a surgical mask: “I have a lunch appointment, let’s hurry.”

Unexpected surprise

Totally confused by his behavior, Mary started to laugh. But what happened next made the woman want to cry with joy. When the man took off his mask, the mother with cancer discovered that he was not a doctor. He was actually his military son in disguise.

“Hi, Mom,” Hoffmaster said. The two hugged happily, and the brothers were moved by the “very emotional and surprising moment.” Upon learning that his mother was going to do another round of chemotherapy, Hoffmaster got on a plane. He left around 11 o’clock the night before, and went to Ohio to surprise his mom.

He didn’t want to miss the opportunity to support the frail woman. Mary wanted her son to come home, but she thought it would be unlikely: “I wanted him to be here in person.” For 10 days, this family was once again complete and reunited.

The military man wouldn’t have been able to surprise his mom without the help of his 3 brothers and 3 sisters. I’m sure the mother with cancer got stronger and more hopeful after being reunited with her son.

Watch the beautiful scene below:

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