Mom punishes her son with an elaborate plan

Usually, parents punish children by taking away their amusements and nothing else: a week without cell phones, video games, among other things. However, this mother punished her child in a much more original way. After that, surely the boy will think twice before disobeying his mother.

The woman caught the boy playing with his cell phone when he should be asleep. So, as a form of punishment, she made a list. Her son had to finish it in order to end the punishment and br able to do the things he likes, such as playing on the computer. For this to happen, he would have to gain a certain number of points.

After the mother put the punishment list online, it became viral and has been praised by parents around the world. See what the punishment was bellow:

Magic Mum
You got grounded!

“To get rid of your penalty, you must earn 500 points.

Offense: Playing on the mobile phone after bedtime.

Write a nice letter to a family member = 10 points

Prepare and cook dinner = 50 points

1 load of laundry (get started, hang up, fold) = 100 points

Clean and organize a kitchen cupboard = 50 points per shelf

Empty the dishwasher = 25 points

Load the dishwasher = 25 points

Clean and wash off counters = 25 points

Clean out microwave = 40 points

Clean and vacuum the living room = 30 points

Sweep and mop kitchen = 30 points

Wash windows = 10 points per window

Water house plants = 10 points

Dust living room = 25 points

Clean bathroom (sink, toilet and floor) = 50 points

Take out trash (and rebag) = 10 points per garbage bag

Clean the litter box = 10 points”

At least the house will be spotless after the boy completes the 500 points! What’s your opinion about this innovative way of punishing a child? Is it a good method or is it too severe? Share your feedback with us in the comments.

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