Young woman is only 23 years old, but she’s already the mother of 14 children!

An American woman named Katie Davis Majors is only 23 years old, but she’s already the mother of 14 children! When she was 18, the teenager went to work for a disadvantaged community in Uganda. She always liked to help others, and she knew that this region urgently needed help. She was there for 3 weeks and that time changed her life…

Katie had never seen anything like it. Her daily problems were nothing compared to the tragedies and the shortages that the people of Uganda suffered. This poverty has changed the way she viewed the world, as well as her plans for the future.

Facebook – Katie Davis Majors

But despite all the problems, people from Uganda are very strong, and they have a lot of hope, and they always solve their problems. She was there for only three weeks and didn’t want to go back to the States, but she had to go.

Facebook – Katie Davis Majors

She returned to Uganda shortly thereafter, and went to work as a teacher for orphan girls. But she thought her job was not enough… so, at age 23, she decided to adopt 13 children. After that, she met Benji and fell in love with him. Then they got married and had a biological child. A total of 14 children!

Facebook – Katie Davis Majors

Katie had no way of supporting so many children. The only solution she found was to start an organization called Amazima, which means “truth.” The purpose of this association is to raise funds for the most needy Ugandan communities.

On top of all this, Katie still writes books about all her experiences. Share if you admire her work and humanity!

Source: Vamos Lá Portugal


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