Mother loses her life during childbirth – then, the father whispers two words in her ear and goes pale

Doug and Melanie Pritchard waited anxiously for their second child. Melanie’s pregnancy went perfectly, but when she got to the hospital, everything changed. Melanie told one of the midwives that she felt strange while she was waiting to give birth. The woman had dizziness and nausea. The doctors tried to figure out what was wrong, but they couldn’t find out anything. So, out of nowhere, this mother lost her life …

It all happened quickly. Melanie’s health sank dramatically and all the monitors and screens in the room began to blink frantically. Melanie’s heart had stopped.

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The mother suffered an amniotic fluid embolism, which is a rare birth emergency. This occurs approximately 1 in 80,000 births. Researchers think this occurs because of the amniotic fluid coming in contact with the mother’s blood cells.

Melanie received emergency care and her baby was born by  c-section. Her heart stopped beating and she was declared clinically dead. Doctors said Melanie would need a heart or lung transplant and that, even if she survived, she would probably have brain injuries.

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Finally, after many attempts, they managed to bring Melanie back to life, but the situation seemed bleak. “My wife was clinically dead when my daughter was born,” says husband Doug. “My first thought was that I would be a widower”, continued the man.

Doctors told Doug to prepare to say goodbye to his beloved. It was then that he bent over to his wife to give her a last kiss and a farewell. “If you have any strength in you, start fighting!”, he whispered.

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These words gave Melanie the strength she needed. Almost 24 hours after Melanie lost consciousness, she opened her eyes again. Doug showed her a picture of her daughter, Gabriella, who had survived against all odds. It’s hard to imagine the joy that this couple must have felt.

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A few hours later, Melanie could breathe on her own. Despite what the doctors had thought, she didn’t need a transplant. She even managed to recover without medication. A week later, she returned to the family’s arms.

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“Her recovery was a miracle. The fact that she’s alive is a miracle”, says Doug.

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