Mother gorilla gives birth and soon fills her baby with kisses

On April 15, at 6.25 a small Western male gorilla was born for the first time in nine years. Increasingly, we hear stories about animals being extinguished and knowing that efforts are being made to counteract this tendency, fills our hearts with joy.

The excellent news came directly from Smithsonian’s National Park, accompanied by two videos, which have already melted hearts all over the world! The parents are Calaya, a 15-year-old gorilla, and Baraka, a 26-year-old gorilla. Their baby was named Moke.

Youtube – Smithsonian’s National Zoo

The video below shows the birth of little Moke and the moments that follow, where the mother hugs and kisses her baby. These are incredible images that make us believe that nature is exceptional!

Gorilla gives birth and fills her baby with kisses

The sweetness that the gorilla mother shows to the newborn has already melted hearts all over the world, and it is not difficult to understand why… Warning: the initial images are of a birth and may not be suitable for a sensitive audience.

Mother nature at its best… Share this pure and genuine moment with your friends and family!

Source: LAOWL


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