Mother finds little girl sleeping on an unmoving cat

The innocence of children is a miracle that, as they grow up, is lost.

They instinctively observe, approach, and discover animals: how they walk, how they feed, how they sleep. And, little by little, as they live together, they associate them with the different needs they have.

These first approaches foster empathy, so that the child connects with the other’s needs, expresses himself and attends. As evidenced in a fabulous video that is going around the world.

The scene was starred by a little girl, who, seeing an old cat lying on the ground near her home in India, didn’t hesitate to use him then as a pillow and lean on him to wait for her mother and sister to arrive from the supermarket.

When the two arrived home from shopping, they couldn’t find the little girl in her room. So they went around the house until they found her lying on top of the little animal that lay motionless.

A sweet scene between friends, at first sight, but … something was definitely not right.

“As soon as we left the house, we were surprised: my little sister was sleeping on a street cat”, said the woman.

The truth is that the kitten was dead and the little girl was very upset. The feline didn’t move or make any gesture, not even when the baby leaned on him. Obviously, something was wrong.

A kitten never stands still in front of strangers, at least it would have raised its head when it heard its mother coming. However, this little girl didn’t care one bit about how dirty the animal was or if it was from the street, simply what caught her attention the most was seeing that it didn’t move. It seems that she just wanted to accompany him until the last moment.

How long was this little girl alone at home?

“And they didn’t realize how long the baby was left alone for her to end up sleeping, I don’t know if in the yard or on the balcony”, commented one user.

The post yielded hundreds of comments, most of them highlighting the fact that for whatever reason, this baby cared nothing more than to hug and cuddle the kitten and of course she should never have been left home alone. A tragedy could have occurred.

Finally , the body was removed and the little girl taught her mother a great lesson, for while she went shopping and left her, as if nothing else, she came back and laughed at the scene; The little girl was safe and sound and also took care of the pet, with the typical innocence of a child who opens her heart unconditionally to everyone.

Share this story with your loved ones. Definitely, the simplicity and naivety of this little girl fill our hearts with the purest feeling of love for the little ones.

Source: Zoorprendente