Mother dog walks miles every night to get food for her family

Street dog Lilica was abandoned in front of a landfill in one of the poorest suburbs of the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

However, when her first litter of baby dogs arrived, Lilica had no choice: it was her job to provide them with food, so she had to venture away from her new home.

Walking several miles on unknown and dangerous roads, Lilica came close to the house of teacher Lucia Helena de Souza.

The woman saw that the dog was a mutt and offered her food. Lilica enjoyed it a lot and started back every night to get her ration; Soon a daily routine was established between them: Every day the woman cooked an extra portion for Lilica, and they would meet around 9 pm to exchange some hugs and a hot meal.

However, confirms the teacher, there was a detail in the dog’s behavior that once caught her eye.

Despite being very hungry, Lilica stopped eating, took the food container and left. So the teacher did something different: after the dog ate a little, she closed the plastic bag with the food. After a few seconds, Lilica took the bag and left as usual.

It was now obvious that the behavior was not random, but what was the point? Where did Lilica take this little bag with food?

Lucia Helena decided one day to follow the dog to solve the mystery and discovered something that warmed her heart: even hungry, Lilica shared food with the whole family.

The dog adopted this habit during the time she kept the puppies, but even after adoption she continued to bring food to the other animals. By now, her friends, dogs, cats, and even puppies from another mothers were counting on this precious meal, and she relentlessly returned every night to make sure no one starved.

Needless to say, the news, once spread throughout the area, could not but arouse a strong sense of wonder. In fact, we often refer to animals as beings driven only by the survival instinct, but we forget that they are capable of showing a solidarity that many humans would do well to take as an example.

A round of applause for Lilica, for her big heart and for all animal lovers, such as Professor Lucia Helena, who took care of her.

Source: Olha Que Video


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