Mother catches dog helping her daughter with the laundry

Chores are less of a bore when you have a good friend to lend a hand.

Just ask Taysa and her helpful puppy, Lassye.

The other day, Taysa’s mom Rhany Christo asked her daughter to bring in some floor mats that had been washed and hung to dry outside. Since piling them on the ground would only make the mats dirty again, Taysa would normally have to carry them inside one-by-one.

But with her dog’s kind assistance, they found a better way.

“When I looked outside, I saw Lassye holding the mats [on her back],” said Christo. “I was surprised!”

Here’s the clever pair in action:

While Taysa and Lassye tackled the laundry, the family’s other dog, Paçoca, supervised. It was a real group effort.

But, of course, the puppy are more than just helpers to Taysa.

“They are very sweet companions,” Christo said. “My daughter loves her to no end.”

Source: The Dodo


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