Man feels that someone observes him and finds the most beautiful spies

During the 13 years Charlie Weiss lived in Winterville, North Carolina, he never paid much attention to his neighbors. However, when a woman and her dog moved into the next house, something began to change.

One day, Weiss was on the porch and had the feeling that someone was watching him. The man scanned the yard, but everything seemed normal. Then he looked down and saw a furry spy:

The Dodo

The dog, a German Shepherd mix, found a small space between the earth and the fence and decided to make good use of it. While Weiss rarely found the new neighbor, his dog became a frequent “visitor.”

The Dodo

As Weiss was getting used to constant snooping, he found another surprise when the woman adopted a second dog. Little Pit Bull needed a little time to get used to having neighbors.

“When he first saw me he ran to the fence and barked at me,” Weiss said. “I realized he was just a little stressed out because he was in a new environment.”

The Dodo

As time passed, both dogs became very nosy neighbors, eager to see Weiss. “The German Shepherd loves affection, she always lies on the fence, sticks her nose and whimpers until I pet her,” said Weiss.

Another surprise was still on the way

One day Weiss left, and instead of a familiar muzzle he was greeted by the big brown eyes of a third dog!

The Dodo

The puppy had expanded the hole made by his canine siblings, with a goal of invading Weiss’s backyard. He still could not fit in, but his fight resulted in a great shot!

The Dodo

“It was very funny to watch. He was on a mission to get into my yard, but he just could not squeeze through,” Weiss said. Although it was surprising at first, Weiss has become used to have a close relationship with his three furry neighbors.

“A lot of times I don’t even realize they’re there,” Weiss added. “I just turn around and there’s a snout sticking out from under the fence.”

Without a doubt, 3 very friendly neighbors.. Share this lovely story with your friends and family!

Source: The Dodo


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