Monsters neglected dog and left her to die alone

This dog named Queen was used, abused and exploited in every possible way. And when she was deemed “useless” it was discarded like a piece of garbage and left to die.

Fortunately, a small group of rescue workers gathered to help her. And they took her to Viktor Larkill of Let’s Adopt, an animal rescue in the Netherlands that treats and rehabilitates battered and injured animals around the world.

Queen is an Ibizan dog, a very unique breed of the Hound family. She did not deserve the abuse she suffered and was rushed to a veterinary clinic.

Since she was unable to get up, the veterinarians thought she might have fractured her back. But an x-ray revealed that she had a very high level of leishmaniasis, which developed in polyneuropathy.

Leishmaniasis is a disease caused by a parasite transmitted by a phlebotomy bite. If left untreated, it could evolve into worse things (which in the Queen’s case did) and become fatal.

Her leishmaniasis was left untreated for so long that it damaged several peripheral nerves, which is polyneuropathy.

The monsters who did this exploited her a lot until she became ill and then threw her into the fields to die.

Although her future was bleak, veterinarians and volunteers refused to give up on her. Queen was still eating alone and seemed in a good mood despite what was happening.

The shelter continued its treatment, but unfortunately, her body was not reacting to it.

“Her owner allowed her to deteriorate to the point where she did not return,” Larkill wrote in her blog. “I can’t understand how anyone can watch a dog fall apart at this point without doing anything about it, but that’s what they did.”

Unfortunately, Queen didn’t resist, but her last days were filled with love and affection. She was surrounded by people who loved her, and managed to leave this world knowing that there are gentle human beings who would never neglect her like the monsters before that.

Source: I Love My Dog


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