Monster tapes dog’s mouth shut to stop him barking – then brag about it online

Unfortunately, many people still seem to think that they can abuse animals because they are just animals and not humans. Today we will meet a sweet dog that ended with his mouth tied, all because he barked too much.

Dogs have good instincts

The poor dog belongs to a lady whose boyfriend got tired of hearing him barking. Sure enough, the dog was barking to drive this horrible man away from his owner. The man decided to use a plastic cord to attach the dog’s mouth, and the image below clearly reveals the pain the poor animal must have felt.

To make matters worse, the monster decided to share the photo online, as if he was proud of his cruel attitude. The image became viral because many people were quite outraged by what happened. The man has been criticized and received a wave of negative comments.


Police in Linn Country, where the man lived, began an investigation. Let’s hope justice is done and the puppy is safe in a loving home.


Animals deserve all our love and respect. We should never try to control what is natural for them. Share this story if you are against animal abuse!

Source: Newsner


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