Nurses film themselves mistreating a sick baby

Health professionals, such as nurses and physicians, should care for their patients. These people, more than anyone else, should be kind, caring and humane. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen and the clip that we’ll see next is a terrible example of this. Some monstrous nurses filmed themselves mistreating a sick baby in the hospital.

In fact, the boy had been hospitalized due to an infection. The horrible nurses, instead of caring for the frail newborn, pressed his face and crinkled his cheeks as they laughed. In addition, they still recorded the shocking scene.

After discovering the video on social networks, the baby’s parents were shocked and complained. Fortunately, the nurses were fired after the video became viral.

Daily Mail

The scene that is revolting the world was filmed in a hospital in Taif, Saudi Arabia.

Daily Mail

There were three nurses who did this, all of them specialized in obstetrics and childbirth. The hospital direction didn’t reveal the identity of the women, but assured that they were dismissed.

Daily Mail

In addition, the nurses have been left without their licenses, so they will not be able to work in the health care field ever again. According to the father’s statements, the boy spent ten days hospitalized for a urinary infection.

Daily Mail

Watch the shocking clip below…

How can someone mistreat a sick baby?! Don’t hesitate to report such cases. If we all do our part, these horrible people can be punished!

Source: Vamos Lá Portugal


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