Husky “argues” with his mother about a missing shoe – but see what dog does next

Dogs love chewing shoes, that’s the rule! When we least expect they steal our sneakers, or another piece of clothing, and the worst happens: goodbye shoes! However, when it comes time to confront our puppy, we can experience adorable situations that deserve to be shared.

Today we’ll meet a mother who wakes up and realizes that one of her shoes is missing. And who would be the thief? Of course, her Husky named Azlan.

Youtube – Rumble Viral

“Azlan, I know you stole my shoe.”, she says. “Go get him and bring him back.” Azlan seems offended by this accusation and has a few words to share with the woman. The dog “complains” and lets the mother know that he doesn’t appreciate this guilt.

Youtube – Rumble Viral

In the middle of the barks, the mother continues to nag the dog… Then Azlan walks away muttering, just like a child making a tantrum!

Youtube – Rumble Viral

Husky “discusses” with his mother about a missing shoe

Shortly afterwards Azlan returns with his mother’s shoe! She knew it all the time, and the Husky’s arguments didn’t deceive her. Watch this lovely moment in the clip below:

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Source: Paw My Gosh


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