BREAKING NEWS: body of the girl missing in France was found

Maëlys Araújo had been missing in France since August 27, 2017. The girl was at a wedding party with her parents when everything happened. Today, almost 6 months after disappearing, the girl’s body was finally found. The main suspect, Nordahl Lelandais, decided to start cooperating with investigators.

For several months the police have been investigating the man, but only now has he decided to confess that he killed Maëlys. The criminal’s lawyer informed the client that they had found the girl’s blood in the trunk of his car. There was no escape for the 34-year-old. From the moment of this discovery, Nordahl began to collaborate immediately, telling the authorities where the girl’s body was.

However, he said that the death was accidental, and refused to give more details.

Daily Mail

The search for the girl’s body was hampered by the snowfall. However, the cops have managed to find almost all the girl’s bones, as well as her dress and a shoe. Maëlys’ parents have been torn by the news, and they hope justice will be done and that the criminal will receive the maximum penalty. The child’s mother even said that the daughter will “haunt” the mind of Nordahl forever in prison.

Daily Mail

The man was also at the wedding party where the girl was the day she disappeared. He was a friend of the bride and groom, and took advantage of a moment of distraction to kidnap the child. The criminal refuses to give details of what happened, or what he wanted to do with the girl.

He also mentions that he accidentally killed Maëlys near his house, got rid of her body and returned to the wedding. In addition to the girl, the man is a suspected of other homicides, but there was never enough evidence to condemn him.

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Source: Vamos Lá Portugal