Police confirms the identity of missing dog as he begins to sing

Huskies are known to be a race with incredible vocal gifts. They rarely bark, but they cry, they howl and howl. These dogs are able to produce very melodic sounds and the images that we are going to watch below are the proof of that.

Fortunately, it was this same attribute that allowed a Siberian Husky to reunite with his owner!


A Siberian Husky was reported missing by his owner, who lives in the city of Beersheba in the Southern District of Israel. A dog that fitted with the description was found by a group of teenagers…

So the teens brought the weakened, malnourished dog to the Israeli police. Then the officers took the dog to a police station and gave him some care.

Youtube – The Jerusalem Post

Before a meeting was scheduled for the alleged owner to recognize his dog, he had a brilliant idea! The man said there was a quick and easy way to identify his pet. The owner asked the cops to play some of their pet’s favorite songs…

If the Siberian Husky would sing, they would know that he was his dog!

Youtube – The Jerusalem Post

Then, Husky soon brightened up when he heard his favorite songs and began to “sing.” A police officer captured this adorable moment in video, which soon became viral!

Youtube – The Jerusalem Post

Then the owner of the animal ran to the police station to see his lost puppy, and they were both radiant! “I cried all the way here,” said the man, hugging the dog and talking to the police. “Thank you, thank you.”

Youtube – The Jerusalem Post

Police confirms the identity of missing dog

Check out the emotional reunion in the video below:

Undoubtedly, a moment that will forever be engraved in the memory of these policemen! Share this thrilling story with your friends and family!

Source: Animal Channel


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