Missing 3 year-old boy is safely found thanks to his dog

Dogs are charming, but of all races, pit bulls aren’t considered the most friendly due to their past, being raised for combat with other dogs. However, what a pit bull did to his little boy surprised everyone.

Pit bulls are usually unfairly stigmatized by their race.

Many negative perceptions have spread among people over time about the beautiful and loyal Pit Bull Dog breed. The first of these is from mainland Europe, specifically Ireland and England, and some from Scotland.

They were brought to America. It was desired to obtain a dog with the same characteristics, but smaller to continue with the profitable and reprehensible work of dogfighting.

Therefore, the Bulldogs and Terriers began to cross and the current pitbull was obtained.

Buddy is a beautiful specimen who lives according to his race and lives with his family in Florida, USA, where he is immensely happy with his human brothers whom he loves and zealously protects.

Seeing them all at home playing together inspires tenderness.

But something happened on the afternoon of April 18. A desperate mother contacted the Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office Telecommunications Centre on 911 to inform them of the strange disappearance of her young son, only three years old.

According to what the distressed mother told, her son was playing with his brothers and Buddy in front of their house. Suddenly, under the supervision of the older brothers and sisters, the little children of the family moved further and further away from the house until they were lost in the dense forest.

Upon receiving the disturbing request, the sheriff immediately ordered a group of officers to begin the search. Fortunately, a neighbor could see when the boy in the company of the cub was moving in, now the family could understand why Buddy didn’t show up either.

The information was of vital importance to the search group; the team formed by officers trained for this purpose, along with several canine rescue agents, went to the area and found them.

“Fortunately, we were able to reunite the boy with his mother, thanks in part to the man’s best friend and an alert neighbor,” the sheriff’s office wrote on his Facebook account.

At first, when the search team was in front of the duo, Buddy laughed madly, perhaps afraid that someone would try to harm them, and he didn’t allow them to approach his friend, who was quite frightened in the presence of uniformed strangers.

It’s a good ending to an event that could have been very tragic,” said Sam St. John, Sheriff of Suwannee County.

The images of what happened became viral in the social networks, and the excited and emotional internet users did not stop praising the nobility of the animal that did not leave its friend alone and protected him so vehemently at the risky moment.

“The pit bulls are the best dogs of all time and it touches me to know that the boy and his best friend were considered safe,” said one happy user.

You justified your race, buddy!

Let us reject the use of animals for violent acts, if they are raised with love and tenderness, no doubt their behavior will always be noble. Share this beautiful story with all your friends.

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