Paris Jackson cleans up Michael Jackson’s star who was vandalized on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Michael Jackson may have left a few years ago, but his daughter’s love will never disappear. Paris Jackson is incredibly loyal to her father and, just a day ago, she was photographed wiping graffiti from Michael Jackson’s star of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star was vandalized and covered with graffiti, and Paris ran to clear it.

Daughter decides to clean father’s star

She posted a picture on her Instagram account where she’s on her knees, cleaning the star by herself. Paris learned that the homage on the Walk of Fame was vandalized after visiting a friend’s apartment. After that, she went to the nearest grocery store to buy cleaning products and remove the graffiti.


Paris used Instagram and Twitter to publicly express what she thought of the incident. She claims that graphite was probably made by some innocent children. In addition, Paris says that this was not Michael Jackson’s “real star,” but “a name is a name.” She felt she had to do something because her father’s name was connected to the situation.

In fact, that was not the star of the singer. It belongs to a different Michael Jackson (the radio host). Despite of this, Paris could not let a star that had her father’s name looking like that.


It has been 9 years since the King of Pop left this world. The anniversary of his death is coming, on June 25, and he left three children who will miss him forever. Paris stood still for a while, but resurfaced in the world of Hollywood. Now, she is following in her father’s footsteps, starting a career in music, fashion and movies!

Even though it was not the star of the “true” Michael Jackson, Paris felt she did a good job cleaning up his father’s name… literally. She is undoubtedly, and always will be, a loyal daughter.


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