Michael J. Fox’s son has grown, and he’s a perfect copy of his father

t’s amazing how some people in the same family look like perfect copies of each other. This is even more evident between parents and children… and actor Michael J. Fox is an example of this. His descendant is completely identical to him! Sam Michael Fox is now 28 years old, and couldn’t be more alike his father.

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Son of the actor from Back to the Future

The player is the son of the 80’s icon, Michael J. Fox. He is well grown now and, according to recent photos, it will be difficult for him to hide that he’s the son of the famous actor. If you were already alive in the 80’s, then you’re familiar with Michael J. Fox. The 56-year-old became a hit after appearing in such films as Teen Wolf, Family Ties and, of course, his most famous role as Marty McFly in Back to the Future.

The 80’s may be a distant memory, but Fox remains a household name. He continues to appear on TV and in the movies, despite being battling Parkinson’s disease since 1991. The artist was diagnosed at age 29 and has contributed very much to fund investigations about the degenerative condition.

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Apart from his career and his illness, he still found time to raise 4 children. Sam, 28, Schuyler and Aquinnah, 23, and Esme, 16. Although we are sure that he’s equally proud of all of them, we can’t deny that Sam is the one who bears the closest resemblance to his father.


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