Men kidnap and hit a 12-year-old girl – then the lions surround her and do the unthinkable

In some countries, women are forced to live in fear of being kidnapped and forced to marry a stranger. That’s exactly what happened in Ethiopia, when a group of seven men kidnapped a girl to force her to marry one of them.

However, what the kidnappers didn’t know was that three lions were witnesses of the incident and were about to rescue the kid.

The girl was missing for a week, when police was finally able to locate her. When they arrived to the scene, the police couldn’t believe in their eyes: the 12-year-old girl was surrounded by three lions… Not to attack her, but to protect her!

It turns out that the lions scared the men who kidnapped the girl and stayed with her. The lions’ rescue effort probably saved the girl’s life. It’s not uncommon for girls in Ethiopia to be raped and beaten until they agree to marry.

What happened surprised the whole world, since the lions would normally attack the girl. What led these majestic creatures to protect her? Wildlife expert Stuart Williams has a theory: “The crying girl might have been mistaken for the moaning of a lion cub, which led the animals to not eat her.”, said Williams.

The girl was taken care for her injuries, however recovering from the shock and terror of the kidnapping will take some time. Four of the hijackers were arrested by police, but it’s unclear whether the other men were caught.

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Source: La Biblia de los Animales


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