Soldier goes on a leave to meet his newborn daughter – when he enters the hospital room, he freezes

In September, Jake and Chelsea Osborne discovered that their lives were about to change forever. The woman discovered that she was pregnant and the news was very exciting for the couple! As a military man’s wife, Chelsea was accustomed to having her husband miss important events in the family. Then, as the nine months of gestation approached, the expectant mother became very worried… would the husband arrive in time to meet his newborn daughter on the day of her birth?

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A month after Jake and Chelsea discovered they were expecting their first child, Jake was sent to battle. Unfortunately, he would be away for months. Jake spent every day outside imagining the journey his wife was making without him. As the baby’s birth approached, it was increasingly evident that he would not be home in time to be next to Chelsea.

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However, a miracle happened. Unaware of Chelsea’s situation, Jake’s commander approached him with wonderful news. Suddenly he told the soldier to pack his bags and go home!

Youtube – Nollygrio
Meeting the daughter

“In two days they took me on a flight,” Jake said. On the way home, Jake received a phone call from Chelsea that turned his world upside down: she had given birth! The man rushed to the hospital. With tears in her eyes, Chelsea put the baby Paisley in Jake’s arms for the first time and there’s nothing more moving. It was a beautiful moment when the new family reunited after being separated months.

Youtube – Nollygrio

Watch the moment the soldier meet his newborn daughter for the first time! It’s impossible not to be moved…

What a beautiful moment… Share to honor all the soldiers, who sacrifice themselves daily for their country!

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