Meet Gringo, the cat whose mustache made him win everyone’s heart

All animals are beautiful in their own way, but there are some we just can’t stop looking.

Whoever captures the world’s attention usually finds a house in Instagram, which has many profiles with animals with unique characteristics.

Who could forget the “two-faced” cat, for example?

Now, another cat is starring in the headlines, but not because it has two faces, but because it has unusual marks on its face.

This is Gringo, a short-haired cat that has a particular mark on its face that makes it look very sophisticated.

Some compared him to a “Victorian era detective”.

Gringo has a mustache that fascinates Internet users.

The 2-year-old kitten lives in France with his owners, Sabrine and Romain, and his brother Milko.

Gringo had almost 60,000 followers on Instagram, but his account was hacked and now his new page has just under 12,000 fans.

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“Gringo is a happy kitten, full of life and with a very good personality. He loves to play all day and all night, doing tricks like climbing the curtains, scratching the sofa and jumping on plants,” said Sabrine to Just Something.

“He likes to stay on his back leg like a meerkat. You can stay a few minutes in that position, and it’s very funny.”

This sophisticated feline has a peculiar personality that matches his appearance.

“Gringo always smells our plates to see if there’s anything good to eat, and he likes to steal our kitchen cloths just to bite them, so we have to hide them all the time,” Sabrine added.

Sabrine and Romain found a picture of Gringo on a popular French kennel website and fell instantly in love with this fabulous cat.

The couple already had a cat named Milko, who also has his own Instagram page. They thought Gringo would be the perfect brother for Milko and did not think to adopt him.

Gringo was only three months old when he was taken home and immediately established a beautiful bond with Milko.

And now the two cats are inseparable.

A cat so beautiful that he has come to a wonderful home where he is truly loved.

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Source: La Biblia De Los Animales


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