Masked burglar chases after 9-year-old boy – then family Pit Bull kicks in

It’s always difficult to decide when it’s appropriate or not to leave our children at home. No matter how responsible they are, there are always factors that can put our kids in danger. Burglars could be one of those dangers… And today we’re going to meet a 9-year-old who faced a very frightening situation while he was home alone.

“I was upstairs when it happened.”, said Shane Smith. His mother went to pick up one of Shane’s brothers when the burglar came into his house. “I thought it was my mother, because I heard someone trying to open the door,” said the boy.

What Shane saw on the other side of the door can be considered the worst nightmare of any child: a masked man trying to break into his house. Fortunately, the boy wasn’t alone… His dog, a Pit Bull named Baby Girl, was there to save the day!

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“The dude started chasing me upstairs and I called my dog down and they started to fight.”, Shane said. “It was in a blink of an eye and I was really scared. Because, it was only me home and I didn’t know who it was and the only protection I had was my dogs.”, said the young man.

“It seemed like he wanted me because when he saw me, he just slowly walked toward me and he didn’t look at anything else. He just kept his eyes on me.”

“The dude pulled the blinds down on my dog’s head and then ran away and shut the door.”, Shane said. So far, the police has no clue who the thief might be. All they know is that he ran away from the scene in a silver car… After all, the Pit Bull faced the criminal and eventually saved the child. She’s a beautiful girl!


The Pit Bull family goes into action


Watch the video below, to get to know a little more about this incredible story:

Baby Girl attacked the thief and protected his family at all costs. Share this exciting story with your friends and family!

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