Boy intimidates girl over the internet but then finds out she knows martial arts

Unfortunately, bullying is becoming more and more frequent in schools. Now, in addition to having to deal with bullying where they study, students are also intimidated by the Internet. A girl attending a high school located in Bakersfield, California, showed that we should not let bullies go unpunished. She used her martial arts techniques to teach her a great lesson.

Girl teaches bully a lesson

In addition to the punishment she gave the boy who intimidated her, she also displayed how strong female power is. The young woman personally confronted the cyberbully, who also attacked her verbally. The fight between the two was recorded by another student. But the video only became viral after Kit Dale, a well-known Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter, re-released the clip on his official Facebook page.

The star applauded the girl’s effort in the fight against the bullies, and also took the opportunity to express the importance of self-defense. However, the fight ended unfairly. By her hasty actions, the girl was suspended from school. The victim continued to attend school, but with a black eye!

See the moment of self-defense below.

This story is proof that we should never underestimate women… especially those who know the martial arts. Share if you think the boy got what he deserved!

Source: Relay Hero


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